Just want to say again that iSupply WMS has revolutionised the way we work and has allowed Promtel to stay competitive in a very crowded marketplace. The overall efficiency gains have been spectacularly high. The previous issues of incorrect picks, slow picking, incorrect labelling of cartons, forgotten items, the need for two people to complete every order(picker + checker) etc now happen very infrequently.

LSI’s professional approach is something we value greatly. Big thank you to you all.

Managing Director

Right from the start, using LSI’s ROI calculator, we were thoroughly convinced that implementing iSupply will provide South Coast Agencies with a huge return on investment in under 12 months.

Considerable process improvements are evident now that all warehouse operations are RF and barcode driven. Picking errors are negligible and therefore unnecessary customer returns are much reduced. Together with RF receiving and put away the incoming stock is now validated giving our customers, phone and on-line ordering systems an accurate reflection of stock availability.

The implementation of iSupply through its technology, has positioned us well to win new distribution business and facilitates the expansion of our operation with minimal effort.

In less than 12 months of operation we have been able to reduce our warehouse staff by around 30% confirming our decision to invest in this state of the art warehouse management system.

Managing Director, South Coast Agencies