About LSI

Working in conjunction with many ERP systems including from companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Infor and Oracle, LSI delivers modular solutions which totally automate inbound product, warehouse management, distribution, eCommerce, freight management, carrier management, , freight tracking including proof of delivery capture; ensuring complete end-to-end visibility and accuracy.

Unique to Australia, with a state-of-the-art WMS - LSI also offers the ability to create the "Name-of -Company Way" through taking control of the carrier pickups and deliveries. This is achieved by mandating Tempo, our integrated cloud based carrier management system to (and getting a reduced freight rate in return). This system would then be the start point of delivery window optimisation. Tempo has inbuilt route optimisation which would then advise iSupply WMS when the order would need to be picked and packed and ready to meet the optimised delivery vehicle.

Also unique to LSI is that iSupply WMS - our state-of-the-art warehouse management solution - through user friendly Dashboards measures every component of DIFOT - that of suppliers to the warehouse and warehouse to the stores. This is achieved by our integrated Business Intelligence system, that can drill down to any field the database.

Our product offerings:

  • RF Scanning including, Receiving, Cross Dock, Putaway, Cycle Count, Bulk and Discreet Picking, Stock Take Up
  • Scan pack for Bulk pick
  • WMS Portal for online order placement and processing.
  • Dual Rating Freight Management with contractor payments and DIFOT
  • Business Intelligence
  • Track and Trace
  • Vehicle Delivery optimisation
  • Delivery POD capture

Dedicated to leading edge Supply Chain Technology since 2001, Logistics Software International combines functionally-rich software with our team of highly skilled IT and logistics professionals to deliver automated and transparent supply chain solutions.