Automation is the key word in our solutions strategy. Simply by scanning product barcodes at receipt, put-away, stocktake (cycle counting) and despatch our solutions will streamline operations, reduce logistics costs and enhance customer service.

iSupply is a totally modular system; each module can run independently or be combined for a complete end-to-end solution. Through seamless integration, iSupply will literally close the inbound and outbound loop on ERP, MRP and WMS systems.

Our expertise includes:

iSupply FMS - Freight Management

iSupply FMS is a multi sender, multi warehouse, multi despatch point, integrated freight management system that prepares barcoded freight labels, barcoded consignment notes and electronic manifests; analyses despatch and freight management operations, as well as consolidating freight on a warehouse basis.

iSupply DMS - Distribution Management

iSupply DMS is a distribution management system which combines barcode scanning with our state-of-the-art freight management technology to deliver a highly automated and accurate distribution process.

iSupply - Warehouse Management

iSupply’s stock management module provides the means to store and manage inventory items by location. By providing full control of stock items in multiple locations, iSupply helps reduce picking time, better manage overflow stock, increase flexibility of warehouse layout.

3PL Warehouse Management

iSupply is a state-of-the-art multi-client, multi-warehouse warehouse management system powered by .net/SQL technology, with its own integrated Business Intelligence module.

iSupply - Business Intelligence

iSupply's Business Intelligence module transforms your raw supply chain data into valuable business insight. Using familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel, users are able to generate their own ad-hoc analysis, combining any number of business measures and Key Performance Indicator.

Tempo - transport event management and resource optimisation

The Tempo Platform has been design for first concepts to deliver visibility across a transport and logistics network. From job dispatch and freight allocation to all the standard and not standard process a driver may need to carry out in the field.