Freight Bid System

During the course of the last three Central Coast Logistics Forums, a common shared business frustration has been the increasing cost and reduced timeliness in moving freight to and from the Central Coast. It is commonly understood that many vehicles travelling to and from the Central Coast either leave or arrive back empty. It is believed that by making empty return leg trucks available to move freight can not only reduce distribution costs but also offer a more varied timeliness of freight service.

The purpose of this start up meeting is to facilitate Central Coast Logistics Forum collaboration into this software development opportunity that has the potential to deliver significant business outcomes. LSI has identified NSW State Government funding for this project and to make this happen we need enrolment of the potential user group as the third party in the project.

Your overall participation would involve a series of 3 x 2hr meetings - about every 4-6 weeks once the project commences

The next meeting is scheduled for 8AM Thursday 19th July 2018

If you would like to participate please complete the registration form below

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