iSupply DMS - Distribution Management

iSupply DMS is a distribution management system which combines barcode scanning with our state-of-the-art freight management technology to deliver a highly automated and accurate distribution process.

iSupply DMS - Distribution Management

During pick and/or packing, products are scanned into a freight item, building a relationship between uniquely identified freight item and the barcode validated products it contains.

On completion of the product scanning process (RF device or PC workstation), the iSupply DMS freight management component kicks-in to automatically generate consignment documentation (electronic and/or hardcopy) for the carrier deemed the most favourable – evaluated on user-defined business rules which include both cost and service.

Key Scan Pack features include:

  • RF or PC workstation
  • Prints product, price and TUN labels for EAN / GTIN symbology
  • Scan by facility available where an unlimited number of uniform carton configurations (TUN) are utilised
  • Print SSCC labels for all shipping units with EAN128 bar-code in Serial Container Mark (SCM) code format
  • Handle multiple orders, for multiple stores, for shipment to customers
  • Under/over pack alerts, incomplete orders and short pick management
  • Option to weigh and cube each at packing station or have the system calculate from product details
  • Automatically generate electronic file of completed orders containing all additional data such as SSCC and quantities supplied, as per EAN 'Accurate Advance Ship Notice' (AASN) specification

Key Freight Management features include:

  • Automatic consolidation of consignments to the same receiver (customer)
  • Controlled return, pick-ups and swap outs
  • Dangerous goods annotations, including DG surcharge and insurance charge calculations
  • Unlimited number of carriers catered for (most by electronic interfaces)
  • Carrier/service can be enforced by customer destination
  • Optionally scan freight items onto vehicle
  • Pallet transfer tracking and reporting
  • Automatic calculation of transport cost recovery and charge back to customers (freight rate charging structures can be set up by receiver (customer) and or sender (3PL client))
  • Carrier cost comparison facility, where iSupply FM can interactively choose the most favourable carrier/service and freight cost at despatch time
  • Freight rate quote effect analysis, using historical consignment note data to calculate the effect of proposed rates, or the effect of using a different carrier, or the same carrier different service
  • Reverse billing facility that moves the administrative burden of reconciliation to the carrier
  • Electronic reconciliation of carrier invoices, highlighting freight cost variations
  • Import track and trace information from electronically enabled carriers including final POD
  • Link directly to carriers track and trace website
  • Extensive transport cost analysis
  • Exception reporting/alerting i.e. short-deliveries, non-deliveries, damaged freight items etc
  • Carrier performance reporting
  • Send email Advance Ship Notice to customers on despatch - includes link to carriers track and trace website

For a listing of the Retailers that have accredited the iSupply software go to our Retail Accreditations