iSupply FMS - Freight Management

iSupply FMS is a multi sender, multi warehouse, multi despatch point, integrated freight management system that prepares barcoded freight labels, barcoded consignment notes and electronic manifests; analyses despatch and freight management operations, as well as consolidating freight on a warehouse basis.

iSupply FMS - Freight Management

It has the powerful facilities to "reverse bill", analyse performance against KPIs, and provides a meaningful view of real transport costs including extensive "what if" analysis of carrier rates.

With a link to the order processing system (ERP/WMS), freight management is totally automated.

Freight management features include:

  • Automatic consolidation of consignments to the same receiver (customer)
  • Controlled returns, pick-ups and swap outs
  • Dangerous goods annotations, including DG surcharge and insurance charge calculations
  • Unlimited number of carriers catered for (most by electronic interfaces)
  • Carrier/service can be enforced by customer destination
  • Pallet transfer tracking and reporting
  • Automatic calculation of transport cost recovery and charge back to customers (freight rate charging structures can be set up by receiver (customer) and/ or sender (3PL client))
  • Carrier cost comparison facility, where iSupply FMS can interactively choose the most favourable carrier/service and freight cost at despatch time
  • Freight rate quote effect analysis, using historical consignment note data to calculate the effect of proposed rates, or the effect of using a different carrier, or the same carrier different service
  • Reverse billing facility that moves the administrative burden of reconciliation to the carrier
  • Electronic reconciliation of carrier invoices, highlighting freight cost variations
  • Import track and trace information from electronically enabled carriers including final POD
  • Link directly to carriers track and trace website
  • Extensive transport cost analysis
  • Exception reporting/alerting i.e. short-deliveries, non-deliveries, damaged freight items etc
  • Carrier performance reporting
  • Send email Advance Ship Notice to customers on despatch - includes link to carriers track and trace website

iSupply FMS is fully accredited to electronically trade with all the major Australian carriers. For a listing of supported carriers please go to: Supported Carriers.