iSupply WMS - Warehouse Management

iSupply - Warehouse Management

Stock Management

iSupply’s stock management module provides the means to store and manage inventory items by location. By providing full control of stock items in multiple locations, iSupply helps reduce picking time, better manage overflow stock, increase flexibility of warehouse layout, reduce inventory-counting errors, and minimize unnecessary movement of stock. iSupply’s inventory combined with other iSupply features provides the ideal means for distributors to manage an efficient and labor saving warehouse and distribution center.
Warehouse Management Solution

Key Features include:

  • Multiple products per bin
  • Manage Batch/Lot and Expiry by Bin
  • FIFO picking logic
  • Categorise bin locations as pick, reserve
  • Set trigger points for replenishment
  • Reserve Stock
  • Managed Cycle Counting
  • Directed pick/pack, put-away, cycle counts
  • Bin/Product usage reporting

RF Warehousing

Paper handling is a major source of warehouse inefficiency, lost productivity and errors. It is inevitably misplaced, filed in the wrong place, key punched incorrectly, etc. Warehouse workers often spend valuable time looking for, waiting on, or delivering paper. LSI uses Radio Frequency and Microsoft .NET and Windows Mobile(GUI) technology to turn your operation into a fully automated paperless warehouse!

LSI's RF Scanning modules consists of six applications which can run independently of each other or be combined for a complete end-to-end solution:

  • RF Receiving / Put-away
  • RF Cycle Count
  • RF Pick
  • RF Bulk Pick
  • RF Pack
  • RF Product Relocation

Sales Web Portal

This browser based portal technology can be deployed on both desktop and tablet technology for the sales representative’s convenience. It provides an online view of the company’s stock position and provides for online account creation and order entry as well as visibility of all warehouse processes including order picking,despatch, etc

Retail Logistics - Scan Pack

iSupply’s Scan Pack module is designed to automate distribution to all the major retailers whilst complying with all of the unique electronic trading, product labeling, price ticketing, shipper labeling and cross-docking regulations set out by the major retailers - listed here.

Freight Management - 3rd party carriers

iSupply's Freight Management is a tightly integrated freight management system that prepares barcoded freight labels, barcoded consignment notes and electronic manifests; analyses despatch and freight management operations, as well as consolidating freight on a warehouse basis. It has the powerful facilities to "reverse bill", analyse performance against KPIs, that provides a meaningful view of real transport costs and conduct extensive "what if" analysis of carrier rates.

eCommerce and Integration

iSupply currently has interfaces with ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX, Prism, Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, MFG PRO, G/Fast, BPCS, GEAC, and Momentum Pro, which also includes working in the AS400 operating environments.

Much of this is standardised through our sophisticated but user friendly eCommerce Control System (eCS). eCS is LSI's scheduling and monitoring module, which is responsible for executing interface programs automatically at scheduled intervals in addition to the alerting of key events via email such as errors and user defined KPI violations.

Retail and carrier electronic trading is also managed by iSupply's eCS module.