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To meet the distribution challenges of ever increasing online internet sales, Ryda dot com went to market to find technologies that would provide automation, accuracy and scalability in their distribution processes.

LSI’s iSupply Lite technology was selected to meet these challenges; iSupply Lite is a Scan Pack and Freight Management system which will seamlessly integrate with Ryda dot com’s newly acquired ERP technology – Microsoft Dynamics GP (supplied by LSI partner – Bortell) to provide automation of invoice generation, order checking and confirmation, carrier documentation (electronic and/or hardcopy) and carrier invoice reconciliation. Moreover, iSupply Lite’s Freight Management component contains “freight shopping” functionality which compares 3rd party carrier rates and service levels to ensure the most appropriate carrier is selected for delivery of each customer order.

With over 50 years experience in the traditional retail market - Ryda dot com takes pride in its customer service excellence. iSupply Lite meets and enhances these high levels of customer service by providing complete visibility (for both Ryda dot com and their customer), accuracy and traceability of customer orders from order entry through to Proof of Delivery from the carrier.

In addition, LSI’s technology – iSupply is totally modular in design allowing additional functionality to be added as Ryda dot com’s warehousing and distribution requirements grow. It is currently envisaged that stage two of the iSupply implementation will include iSupply’s RF scanning modules for Picking, Cycle Counting and Receiving.