iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
022307 AZ Cluster Picking
Display picking instructions in cluster picking application
iSupply, eCS, iSupplyRESTServices, iSupplyPortable
022314 AZ Pick Labels
Change of format
022321 AZ Picking, Packing Preparation
Add optional auto refresh
022328 AZ Cluster Picking
Add indicator to show "alternate allocation" lines
iSupplyPortable, iSupply
022332 AZ RF Audit Log
Differentiate cluster pick log from other types of pick
iSupply, iSupplyPortable
022334 AZ RF Audit Log
Improve the logging of cluster pick activity
iSupply, iSupplyPortable
022337 AZ Cluster Picking - Batch Tracking
Add batch transaction tracking to cluster picking application
iSupply, iSupplyPortable, iSupplyRESTServices
022344 AZ Create Pick Slips - Stock Allocation
Add option to hold order lines which are short of stock
iSupply, eCS
022345 DA Export Consignment Data to Transporter
Rectify issue with Exclude non-manifested consignments and TNT
iSupply, eCS
022347 VA Analyse the effect of transporter rate changes
Improve reporting of transporter rate comparisons
022348 AZ Stock Allocation Rule - CNP732P
Add optional stock allocation rule to order header
iSupply, eCS
022352 AZ Cluster Picking
Add additional qty fields and view cluster detail form
iSupplyPortable, iSupplyRESTServices
022354 LS RF Audit Log
Improve RF Audit logging in Replenishment and Relocation
iSupply, iSupplyMobile
022361 AZ Pick Slip - Consolidated by Order
Move despatch instructions section from header to comments group
022367 AZ Trading Partner Details - Product Pick Labels
Add option to only print for loose items
022374 AZ Cluster Picking
Rectify issue in decimal place validation
iSupply, iSupplyPortable