iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
022140 LS 3PL Charge Rates
Rectify issue with the use of the same charge code for different activities
022234 CA Freight Tracking Import - AIR785P
Improve AirRoad tracking to handle all tracking configurations
022270 VA Sender Warehouse Maintenance
Improve error messaging around used consignment number ranges
022271 LS Stock Adjustments
Remove Crystal Reports dependencies
022272 AZ Print Pick Slips
Improve reporting of zero allocated products
022273 LS Order Import
Add order import web service end point
iSupply, iSupplyRESTService
022274 LS Get Order Progress
Add GetOrderProgress endpoint to API
iSupply, iSupplyRESTServices
022283 CA Export Consignment Data To Transporter - TOL620P
Update to meet Toll restricted charactersets requirements
iSupply, eCS
022284 GA Consignment Entry
Optmise consignment entry performance for cloud database