iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
022010 PM Consignment Entry
Rectify issue despatch issue on multistore with zero picked store
022026 SG Consignment Entry
Rectify issue in the despatch of bulk picks
022076 AZ Replenishment
Add replenishment through picking applications
iSupply, iSupplyRF, iSupplyPortable
022077 AZ Cluster Picking
Add windows cluster picking application
iSupply, iSupplyRESTServices, iSupplyPortable
022139 AZ LPN Despatch Method
Allow concurrent despatch of LPNs when other orders are in progress
022151 AZ Product Relocation
Display a product's movement frequency attribute in movement apps
022156 TC Warehouse Bin Locations
Rectify issue with the deletion of receiving bins associated to shipment advices
022163 LS iSupply License
Improve handling of license counts
022165 LS Order Import - CNP730P and EDI730P
Remove superseded import programs
iSupply, eCS
022170 AZ Picking / Packing Preparation
Improve pick documentation printing process
022176 AZ Product Movement Log - Picking
Log all picks with the order number it's associated to (multi-order picks excluded)
iSupply, iSupplyRF, iSupplyPortable
022177 AZ Product Movements
Improve logging of stock movements
iSupply, iSupplyMobile
022186 AZ Sender Details
Add option to close orders without consignments
iSupply, iSupplyPortable, iSupplyRF
022192 KS Scan Pack - Symbion
Change barcode encoding to support an odd number of digits
022193 KS Print SSCC - Symbion
Add LPN number to the Symbion SSCC
022194 KS Print SSCC - LPN Despatch
Bypass SSCC printing in the LPN despatch process when printing upon consignment
iSupply, iSupplyPrintService
Incorporations for Version
Job Number Client Job Notes
022159 SL Export Consignment Data to Transporter - TOL620P
Update values used to populate reference type
iSupply, eCS