iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
020861 RC Address validation at Despatch
Remove automatic prepend of 0 on postcode validation e.g. fail 800 for Darwin
iSupply, iSupplyWeb, iSupplyRestServices
021214 LS Cycle Count
Add the ability to add an unexpected container to a cycle count
021219 RC Australia Post Export
Improve recovery processes when retrieval of order summary fails
iSupply, ECS
021221 LS Stock Movements Audit Report
Remove receipt date detail from stock movements report
021222 TI Receiving - progressive receipts
Add functionality to allow multiple receipt processes on a single shipment advice
iSupply, iSupplyRF, eCS
021234 LS Button Styling
Improve form styling
021247 TI Import shipment advice
Add options to auto receive incoming shipments to In-Transit
iSupply, eCS
021254 LS LPN Despatch Method
Remove obsolete User Despatch method LPN
021255 LS Tracking event import
Enable the tracking import filter for AUP785P, AIR785P and DAT785P
021262 PC RF Task Monitor
Improve task allocation processes
iSupply, iSupplyRF
021263 TA Freight Label Print / Reprint - NZ Couriers
Cater for configurable pack unit codes per labelling requirements
iSupply, iSupplyWeb
021264 TI Ad hoc Despatch
Add a program to despatch pre-packed stock containers
021266 CA Sender / Warehouse
Fix creation of new Sender/Warehouses who do not maintain stock
021272 LS RF Expiry date feilds
Add date mask to expiry date feilds
021281 PM Export Consignment Data to Transporter - DIR620P
Add receiver contact details to direct freight export (per version 3 of specification)
iSupply, eCS
021287 TI Customer Manifest - Product LPN
Create new customer manifest format
021288 RC ASN Email
Rectify incorrect timezone conversion of despatch date
iSupply, eCS
Incorporations for Version
Job Number Client Job Notes
021267 JK Bulk Despatch Sales Orders
Rectify issue with Populate Empty Columns only function
021271 JK Bulk Despatch Sales Orders
Improve handling of data grid view sorting