iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
021151 JK Consignment Entry
Add bulk despatch function
021166 PC RF Pick / Pack
Add SSCC printing to RF Pick/Pack
iSupply, iSupplyRF, eCS
021191 TI Stock Reservation Order
Add user defined fields to stock reservation order lines
iSupply, eCS
021196 CA Allocate locations to charging zones
Rectify issue with the import of zones referenced by transit times
021197 CA Freight Tracking Import - DPT785P
Change the label reference used when matching events to labels
iSupply, eCS
021207 TI Stock Adjustments API
Add stock reservation web service
021210 TI Stock Enquiry API
Add stock enquiry web service
021213 CA Consignment consolidation
Ensure all reference types are included in consolidation processes
iSupply, iSupplyWeb, eCS
021218 TI RF Container Put Away
Improve validation performance upon container pickup
021220 LS RF Container Relocation
Reduce number of keystrokes required to complete container relocation
021223 LS Consignment Entry & Export Consignment Data to Transporter
Add customisable email address validation
iSupply, iSupplyWeb, eCS
021224 LS Freight Label Printing - Generic
Add option to choose between Code 39 and Code 128 barcode encoding
iSupply, iSupplyWeb
021226 LS Export Consignment Data to Transporter
Improve ATL number generation for Star Track
iSupply, iSupplyWeb, eCS
021239 PC Consignment Entry - Packed Order Despatch
Improve efficiency of despatch processes
021240 LS Direct to Store EDI Processing
Add support for direct to store processing with Pick Slip per store conrfig.
iSupply, iSupplyRF
021241 TI Trading Partner Details
Improve Trading Partner Search
021243 LS Confirm Paper Picks
Improve concurrency around paper pick confirmation processes
021250 LS Scan Pack Orders > Confirm Paper Pick
Use picking relocation movement type on confirmation of paper picks