iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
020830 PM Receiving
Rectify shipment advice closure issue with incorrect Receiving report configuration
iSupply, iSupplyRF
020852 PM Order Entry Enquiry
Rectify issue in search by reference with alphanumeric order number
020867 PM iSupplyRF
Optimise device scanning speeds
020931 IG AASN Value
Round AASN value to 4 decimal places
020965 PM Shipment Advice Receiving - Workstation
Rectify issue in receiving product into multiple bins
020984 LS Company Products - import CNP738P2
Add transaction and stock tracking options to Company Product import
iSupply, eCS
021003 TI Create Pick Slips
Allocate stock from X-dock bin category when present
021028 PM Order Enquiry
Ensure pack quantities are updated in order enquiry
021029 PM Company products > Print product labels
Rectify issue in printing of TUN labels
021042 LS RF Cycle Count
Manage serial numbers in Product cycle counts
iSupply, iSupplyRF