iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
020786 IG Scan Pack Orders - Amazon
Add support for Amazon EDI ASN and labelling
020966 KS Order Import - EDI731P
Enhance receiving address state recognition and translation
iSupply, eCS
020970 KS Order cancellation - CNP732P
Remove unneeded file validation from order cancellation process
iSupply, eCS
020974 KS eCS Order Imoprt - ETSLOG
Add email alerts for failed eTS translations
eCS, eTS
020977 KS Order Translation - SAG732P
Allow multiple spaces as state and postcode delimiter
020989 IG Scan & Pack Orders
Rectify issue in Scan Pack - Single Unit Pack
021009 KS Store Packing List
Add order memo field (Sage remarks) to Store packing lsit
021010 KS Store Packing List
Change back order column header to Not supplied with footnote
021011 KS Store Packing List
Add barcode column to the Store Packing List
021012 LS EDI Scan Pack - TUN ordering
Improve processes around quantity conversions when ordering by TUN
021013 LS Company Product - EAN barcodes
Identify EAN barcodes using the barcode's Retail/Logistics attribute
021014 KS Export Summarised Invoice
Check option to include csv summary by default
021015 KS Create Pick Slips
Add Order Cancel and Order Delete functions to the Create Pick Slips program
021016 KS Export orders - SAG729P back-orders
Include orders which have been cancelled in back order export
iSupply, eCS
021017 KS Export orders - SAG729P
Prepend the text B/O to order numbers
iSupply, eCS
021018 KS Export orders - SAG762P
Use the consignment added date rather than user defined consignment date as filter
iSupply, eCS
021020 KS Store Packing List
Add sales order reference to the store packing list
021026 KS Export Orders - SAG726P and SAG729P
Map iSupply order memo field to Sage Pastel pick slip remarks
iSupply, eCS