iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
020110 PM Order Import - EDI730P and CNP730P
Rectify address construction logic in order import
iSupply, eCS
020158 LS Export consignment data to Transporter - Australia Post
Integration with Australia Post APIs
iSupply, iSupplyWeb
020312 PC RF Task Monitor
RF Task monitor line count on pick slips adjustment
020313 PC RF Pick
Rectify issue in the use of the New IBN shortcut
020324 CA Track and Trace - AirRoad
Integration with AirRoad freight tracking webservices
iSupply, eCS
020349 CA ASN Emails - by order/receiver option
Send ASN Emails by Order
iSupply, eCS
020355 UI Despatched order export translation - DGP726P2
Add cancelled quantity to the Dynamics GP despatched order translator
020357 LS Postcodes and Locations
Extend Postcodes and Locations masterfile to inlcude longitude and latitude
020363 LS Pick Slip Delete
Improve pick slip deletion messaging
020367 LS Track and Trace masterfile
Adjust event type labels
020370 CA Export Consignment Note Details - MHN550P
Allow configuration of the export file's extension
iSupply, eCS
020371 LS Freight Label Print/Reprint
Add data matrix Australia Post label
iSupply, iSupplyWeb
020379 PC RF Picking
Rectify toggling of quantity entry modes
020381 CA Consignment Note Print - DHL
Add DHL consignment note format
iSupply, iSupplyWeb
020385 UI Reprint SSCC Label
Adjust SSCC reprint process to allow reprinting of non-despatched SSCC labels
020389 CA Export Consignment References - XXX125P
Add functionality to exclude transporters from export