iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
020285 LS RF Cycle Count
Rectify issue when completing count where counted qty greater than expected qty
iSupply, iSupplyRF
020297 PM RF Pick
Allow batch and expiry selectiion (rather than entry) in IBN transfer function
020348 VA Consignment Entry
Rectify issue with palletise items function
iSupply, iSupplyWeb
020351 PM Pick Slips
Allow deletion of partially picked pick slips
020352 UI Order Events
Display filename rather than file path in events list
020353 LS RF Pick
Optimise IBN/SSCC creation processes
iSupply, iSupplyRF
020354 SL Freight Label Print
Rectify Toll Express label - add check digit
iSupply, iSupplyWeb
020361 CA Print/Reprint Freight Label - StarTrack v8.6 Returns
Adjust StarTrack label for Return consignments
iSupply, iSupplyWeb