iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
019674/16 LS RF Picking
Add function to view entire pick slip
019851 GP Product Categories - new maintenance file
Add Product Categories masterfile
019894 GP Shipment Advice Receiving
Enforce receipt types to match shipment advice line - bin category
iSupply, iSupplyRF
019899 GP Company Product - additional fields
Add additional fields per SAP integration requirements
019927 GP Company Product Import - SAP738P
Translate SAP Material Master
019928 GP Export Received Shipment Advices - SAP410P
Add new shipment advice export format
iSupply, eCS
019931 GP Company Product Import - CNP738P
Additional fields in the Company Product Import
iSupply, eCS
019933 GP Product Label
New product label format, configurable by Sender
019935 GP Stock Movements
Expand stock movements tracking to include bin location zone and category attributes
019936 GP RF Receiving - serial tracking
Provide serial tracking by transaction without stock managed serials
iSupply, iSupplyRF
019940 GP Cycle Count Enquiry
Group cycle count variances by their associated stock category
019941 GP Bin Capacity Categories
Add maximum length, width and height fields to assist in suggested put away calculations
019943 GP Cycle Count Generation
Add product category parameter to Cycle Count Generation form
019944 GP Cycle Count Review - Abort
Add an Abort action to the Cycle Count Review process
019945 PM RF Task Monitor
Rectify incorrect display of orders in drill through with the All Sender option selected
019946 GP Stock Adjustments - Stock Conversion
Added a new stock adjustment type to convert one product to another
019949 GP Create Pick Slips
Exhaust stock in bin holding the oldest stock before moving to the next oldest (FIFO allocation)
019963 GP SAP Delivery Note Translation -SAP732P
Translate SAP Delivery Notes to iSupply orders or Return Shipment Advices
019965 GP Export Received Shipment Advice - SAP410P2
Export Shipment Advices with a type = Return to SAP
019966 LS SAP Return Shipment advice
Add receiver code for return shipment advices
019969 GP Stock Categories
Remove association to Senders i.e. stock categories will be system wide
019970 GP Receiving Group Generation
Add receiving group reference to shipment advices
iSupply, iSupplyRf
019972 GP Shipment Advice Entry Enquiry - Search
Remove the shipment advice status "put away" from the search filters (no longer applicable)
019974 GP Receiving Group Generation - zone restriction
Restrict receiving to bin locations to within the shipment advice zone (if specified)
iSupply, iSupplyRF
019982 LS Shipment Advice Entry / Enquiry
Add drill-down function to the supplier and receiver code text boxes
019985 GP Suggested Put Away
Modify all put away strategies to consider the bin locations maximum dimension settings (i.e. max length, width, height)