iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
018285 PM Pick/Pack
Rectify crash with parallel transactions error message
iSupplyRF [TD2] (NHU)
018290 PM Pick/Pack
Disable scanning on pick slip header to prevent incorrect IBN recording
iSupplyRF [TD2] (NHU)
018295 PM Import Orders
Ensure derived receiver codes do not contain spaces and/or commas
iSupply, iSupplyWeb, iSupplyPortal [TD2]
018315 LS Print IBN Labels
Rectify incorrect printing of IBN barcodes when printing ranges
iSupply [TD2] (NHU)
018319 LS Order Entry
Always default orders to Held state if Sender/Warehouse maintains stock
iSupplyPortal [TD2] (NHU)
018321 LS Print IBN Labels
Rectify barcode size to fit on label stationery
iSupply [TD2] (NHU)
018358 PM Ticket Expiry and Timeout
Improve error messages when session ticket expires
iSupplyPortal [TD2] (NHU)
018359 PM Export Consignment Data to Transporter
Australia Post - ensure that there is a delivery name populated
iSupply [TD2] (NHU)
018360 PM RF Task Monitor
Ensure that an order with lower case sender code displays
iSupply [TD2] (NHU)
018362 PM Confirm RF Pick/Pack Boxes
Disallow a change to transporter/service once the first IBN is scanned
iSupply [TD2] (NHU)
018363 PM Cycle Count
Record a count of zero for a product
iSupplyRF [TD2] (NHU)
018365 PM Order Entry
Ensure that an order contains a receiver name and address line 1
iSupplyPortal [TD2]
018368 PM Confirm RF Pick/Pack Boxes
Enable changes to receiver name and address
iSupply [TD2] (NHU)
018376 PM Confirm RF Pick/Pack Boxes
Ensure that freight labels take note of Sender/Warehouse sending and warehouse name/address settings
iSupply [TD2] (NHU)