iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
019107 YM Carrier Specifications - Border Express
Compliance requirements for Border Express
iSupply, iSupplyWeb [TD6]
019125 PM RF Pick / Pack
Rectify duplicate IBN issue
iSupplyRF [TD6]
019143 PC iSupply RF - scanning engine
Reset intermec scanning engine on each iSupplyRF restart
iSupplyRF [TD8]
019151 RF eCS Web Service Management
Enhance eCS to manage web service queues
iSupply [TD2]
019159 LS iSupply Windows - interface
Add optional visual styling to iSupply forms
iSupply [TD2]
019160 LS Company Product Details - Enquiry
Add search by barcode function
iSupply [TD2]
019161 LS Stock Movement Auditing - Receiving
Add new stock movement type for auto-receiving
iSupply [TD2]
019164 PM Consignment Details Entry
Rectify duplicate consignments - affecting 3PL charging users only
iSupply [TD6]
019168 PM Consignment Entry - Consolidation
Change advanced consolidation form to display connote numbers
iSupply [TD6]
019169 PM Consignment Details Entry - Change Mode
Rectify consignment entry change mode - consolidation options
iSupply [TD6]
019170 PM Consignment Entry - Enquiry Mode
Ensure all fields are updated when using Previous and Next scrolling
iSupply [TD6]
019171 PM Consignment Entry - Enquiry Mode
Change tooltip text on Previous and Next buttons
iSupply [TD6]
019173 PM eTS
Rectify movement of processed file to done directory
iSupply [TD6]
019176 PM Consignment Entry - IBN Despatching
Add Couriers Please label format to IBN Despatching method
iSupply [TD6]
019196 PM Price Ticketing
Rectify issue with price ticket showing incorrect amount
iSupply [TD2]
019201 LS Create Pick Slips & Consolidate Orders
Fix scaling of form for different resolutions
iSupply [TD6]
019218 PM Freight Label Print - TNT
Add receiver contact name to label
iSupply, iSupplyWeb [TD6]