iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
018786 SC Shipment Advice Receiving - AutoReceipt
Stage 2 (final) of Auto Receiving Supplier Delivery Advices
iSupply, iSupplyPortal [TD6]
019031 PC RF Pick / Pack
Improve RF Network drop-down handling
iSupply [TD6]
019035 LS RF Task Monitor
Improve performance of RF Task Monitor
iSupply [TD2] (NHU)
019038 GT Consignment Entry / Update / Enquiry
Fix manual consignment number entry process (post Scan Pack)
iSupply [TD2] (NHU)
019039 GT Scan & Pack Orders
Fix order quantity display
iSupply [TD2] (NHU)
019040 GT Scan & Pack Orders
Fix scanned quantity display
iSupply [TD2] (NHU)
019043 GT Price Ticket Printing
Add options for 1 and 3 across for all price ticket formats
iSupply [TD2]
019050 PM Company Product Details - Import Product
Change Count Category field from mandatory to optional
iSupply [TD8]
019054 LS Consignment Details Entry - Despatch Orders
Fix special instruction truncation of 200 characters to 70
iSupply [TD8]
019063 PM Consignment Note Entry - Freight Label Allocation Autralia Post
Rectify generation of duplicate Aus. Post freight labels
iSupply, iSupplyWeb [TD2]
019064 PM RF Receiving and RF Put Away
Add Batch and Expiry selection (i.e. without barcode)
iSupplyRF [TD8]
019108 GT Scan & Pack Orders
Rectify issue around remove from box processes
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
019116 VA Consignment Note Printing - iSupplyWeb
Rectify Laser Consignment Notes
iSupplyWeb [TD6]