iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
018382 LS Transporter Electronic Trading compliance
BlueStar Logistics
iSupply/iSupplyWeb [TD2] (NHU)
018383 LS Maintenance Programs
Standardise beginning/end when in enquiry mode
018389 LS Walkin Orders
Remove obsolete application from solution
018391 LS Canon Specific Interfaces
Remove obsolete programs from solution
018543 PM Cycle Count
Rectify incorrect update of bin location settings when updating count
iSupplyRF [TD6] (NHU)
018544 SC Stock Movements Audit
Shipment advice receipt number to populate the shipment advice number
iSupplyRF/iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018551 SC Consignment Details Entry
Consignment consolidation execution time is slow
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018561 SC RF Task Monitor
Improve SQL database deadlock occurrences
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018566 SC Consignment Details Entry
References are not being populated into consignment details when consolidating consignments
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018567 SC Consignment Details Entry
Consignment save not always closing pick slips
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018568 SC Pick/Pack
Interim box numbers sometimes not associated with an SSCC number
iSupplyRF/iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018569 SC Create Pick Slips
Pick slips with allocated quantity set to zero sometimes created
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018578 SC iSupply database performance
Improve SQL database deadlock occurrences
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018580 SC Confirm RF Pick/Pack Boxes
Transporter/Service not changeable when finalising a back order
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018581 SC Print Manifest Details
Delivery Runsheet not calculating distances due to sender latitude/longitude disappearing
iSupply [TD8] (NHU)
018582 LS Put Away
Legacy put away function disabled whilst new put away developed
iSupplyRF/iSupply [TD6] (NHU)