iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
018382 LS Transporter Electronic Trading compliance
BlueStar Logistics
iSupply/iSupplyWeb [TD2] (NHU)
018468 SC Receive Shipment Advice
Add an option to scan every unit of product
iSupplyRF [TD6] (NHU)
018478 SC Build Manifests
Rectify program crash when printing delivery run sheet
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018479 SC Export Despatched Orders CNP726P
Rectify incorrect despatched quantities when a back-order despatch
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018480 SC Pick/Pack
Rectify SQL concurrency error
iSupplyRF [TD6} (NHU}
018491 SC Export Orders CNP726P
Improve the external file name construction
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018492 SC Stock Movements Audit Report
Improve product details separation
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018493 SC Import Shipment Advice
Auto-create supplier product when importing a new product
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018497 SC Receive Shipment Advice
Show priority receipts quantity
iSupplyRF [TD6] (NHU)
018498 SC Receive Shipment Advice
Released back-orders to become RF task priority 1
iSupplyRF [TD6] (NHU)
018499 SC Receive Shipment Advice
Capture a new UOM barcode and update Company Products
iSupplyRF [TD6] (NHU)
018508 SC Receive Shipment Advice
Advise user to relocate priority receipts before releasing to pick slips
iSupplyRF [TD6] (NHU)
018513 SC Order Entry/Enquiry
Improve enquiry performance
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)
018522 SC Consignment Details Entry
Back order after bulk pick not associating pick slip to c/note
iSupply [TD6] (NHU)