iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
016497 DH Copy Current Rates to a Future RatesFile
Improve rate rounding calculations
016859 LS Consignment Details Entry
Orders mode - improve auto-populate of pack unit defaults
016890 LS Import Freight Tracking Details from Transporter
Improve determination of delivered consignments
016974 LS All forms
Ensure that the LSI logo in the top left hand corner is consistent throughout
016994 LS Scan & Pack orders
Improve the quality of data in "Scanned qty"
017029 LS Import Orders
Integrator and EDIPlus - reject import file if quantity ordered is zero
017116 LS Import Consignment Note Details and Error Report
Improve determination of consignment note number uniqueness
017134 LS Create/Modify User Accounts
Delete duplicate menu item in user security settings
017264 LS Scan & Pack Orders
Do not show pick slips in pick slip list if a pick slip is in the RF Task Monitor
017377 TA Export Consignment Data to Transporter
Castle Parcels - change output data values for "Rate Orig Type", "Sig Indicator" and "GST"
017378 LS Sender Details Maintenance
Interface details - rename label for stock movements export
017428 HA Freight Label Print/Reprint
Direct Freight Express - rectify printing of references
017440 LS Transport Costs by Consignment Report
Tidy up which report options are enabled or disabled
017442 DH Transporter Invoice Entry/Import
Enable AAE840P interface to run via eCS
017446 LS Export Pick Slips
When running from the menu with "Export all pick slips" option, not all pick slips were exported
Incorporations for Version
Job Number Client Job Notes
017402 VA iSupplyWeb - print consignment notes - rectify system error message when function invoked

017412 VA iSupplyWeb - export sales orders with consignment details - change export data "PalletMovement" when spaces

017426 VA iSupplyWeb - print freight labels - recitfy system error message when function invoked

017433 VA iSupplyWeb - consignment details entry - rectify the inclusion of a transporter in the drop down list when it has not been included in the sender/warehouse setup

017437 VA Export consignment data to transporter - Border Express - include additional data in the consignment set - , , ,

017443 VA iSupplyWeb - print Valvoline consignment notes