iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
016564 LS Transporter Details maintenance - rectify program crash when logged in as superuser

016968 LS Import orders - set CNP730P as the default driver for when the import orders driver in senders maintenance is blank

017025 HW Import orders - Prism - do not overwrite weight and cubic information if products already exist in iSupply

017037 HW RF receiving - close individual product lines

017072 HW Consignment details entry / update / enquiry - disallow changing the receiver code on a consignment that contains a scan pack order

017115 YM Export sales orders - GFast - output Toll Express consignment numbers with correct check digit

017142 HW Create pick slips - consider trading partner's expiry date rules when releasing stock

017162 PC iSupplyRF Pick/Pack - replace total units field on the pick slip header with total quantity to pick

017249 LS eCS - do not start service if another instance of eCS is already running against the database

Incorporations for Version
Job Number Client Job Notes
017218 DH Consignment details entry / update / enquiry - DHL freight label - print the full total items on the peel-out section

Incorporations for Version
Job Number Client Job Notes
016751 PC RF KPI report - improve data selection logic for the report

017079 CL Freight label print/reprint - ensure that additional freight labels are printed for a consolidated consignment

017106 UT Freight label print/reprint - Bluestar Logistics - adjust freight label barcode to better fit on the label

017110 YM Consignment note print/reprint - Toll Express - rectify incorrect multiple page printing

017111 DH Transporter rates report - ensure that rate records with no rate breaks are printed

017117 DH Version database upgrade script - include statements to resolve collation conflict

017122 LS Export consignment data to transporter - Direct Freight - adjust consignment date format

017149 DH Create/Modify zones for the future rates - rectify SQL error and message

017154 HA Print manifest details - adjust warehouse selection as per user permissions

017159 DH Despatched consignments report - rectify incorrect reporting of cubic kilograms

017164 PC Import pick slips - adjust processing of product description when it exceeds 80 characters

017165 AR Freight label print/reprint - Toll Ipec - adjust content of freight label barcode

017167 DH Transporter services search windows - improve performance

017186 DH Consignment details entry / update / enquiry - correct heading text on consignment references grid

017212 LS Import pick slips - expose the standard pick slip import via web services