iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
016361 DH Consignment details entry - returns mode - improve determination of transporter's account code when the receiver code is changed

016472 AI Consignment details entry - change mode to ask user if the customer manifest is to be reprinted

016480 DH Copy current rates to a future rates file - rectify exception error

016640 LS Scan & pack orders - do not allow held orders to be auto-packed

016668 DH Import consignment details - improve handling of consignment prefix when an imported consignment is changed via consignment details entry

016819 LS Standardise the tags and labels for "pick slip" and "put away"

016842 MS Import freight tracking details - include data range configuration to enable the import of events older than one month

016844 DH Import return consignments - EXL790P - rectify incorrect conversion of consignment note number

016924 HW Scan and pack orders - include service transaction data entry function and update in database

016950 DH Import freight tracking details - TNT - improve the logic that sets the imported/exported flags

016961 MS Import pick slips - increase the length of when stored in the database

016965 DH Print freight labels - improve determination and printing of head port

016980 MS Print freight labels - include delivery contact telephone number on DHl-Exel style freight label

016991 DH Consignment details entry - improve determination of rating zone when multi-zone rating is used

016999 AI Consignment note printing - recitfy incorrect account code when charge to is third party