iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
015868 LS Create AASNs - log an order event for all AASN drivers

016237 DH Export consignment data to transporter - rectify exception handling when main stored procedure returns an error

016307 YM Import sales orders from GFast - change the backup extension to BKP

016336 CL Consignment details entry / update / enquiry - consider the toll express check digit when searching by consignment number

016369 DH Returns PDF - rectify field growth when data is too big for the fields

016379 BA Setup printers by user - rectify program crash when a printers list of available trays changes

016381 HW Import orders (RBU730P) - synchronise the backup file format with the import file format

016383 UT Import orders - Integrator - record the original order number for use on the AASN when the Kmart release number is suffixed to the order number

016410 LS RF putaway - correctly title the help screen

016411 LS RF pick/pack - rectify field descriptions in the help screen

016414 DH Import freight tracking details from transporter - StarTrack - enhance overall performance of program

016429 AR Scan & pack orders - rectify automatically open new box misoperation

016440 CA Scan & pack orders - rectify over packing a store when using the Single unit pack feature

016458 HA Consignment details entry / update / enquiry - print Toll Ipec freight label on 150mm x 100mm stationary

016463 LS iSupplyWeb - correctly restrict access to the Consignment Note Reprint page

016465 CA Consignment details entry / update / enquiry - rectify laser consignment note print/reprint

Incorporations for Version
Job Number Client Job Notes
016446 DH Consignment Details Entry / Update / Enquiry - prevent the location and postcode from being cleared upon consignment consolidation