iSupply version contents

The following is a table showing basic information of jobs included in the version. For more details contact the Implementation and Support Team at

Job Number Client Job Notes
012257 LS Order entry/enquiry – delete mode – check for RF pick task in progress before deleting

012764 LS RF pick/pack – streamline access to “Mark as empty bin” function key

012924 LS Consignment details entry – rectify freight cost calculation when “Disallow zero freight cost” option is set together with “Consolidation” option

013218 LS RF pick/pack – rectify incorrect deletion of in progress RF pick/pack task

014048 LS Freight charging report – rectify incorrect page breaks

014108 GM Consignment details export - Mainfreight – rectify incorrect consignment date

014395 GM Create AASN – rectify incorrect date in the AASN file

014433 LS Order entry/enquiry – print orders option – rectify incorrect printing of first enquired order irrespective of current enquired order

014976 LS Order entry/enquiry – delete mode – include database constraints to prevent order product orphans

014979 LS Consignment details entry – rectify incorrect freight label number allocation from DEFAULT transporter service

015166 LS UN Hazchem code and class – rectify incorrect terminology

015333 LS Sender details maintenance – rectify last SSCC number update error

015429 HW Import orders from SAP – rectify incorrect conversion of host system AASN number

015488 HW Create AASN - warehouse code on AASN export file

015497 GT Scan & pack orders - SSCC label – Harris Scarfe

015511 YM Consignment details entry – case scanning – rectify slow running query

015512 LS Report request forms – startup default options

015516 LS Import orders – retailer EDI order cancellations

015531 LS Company products import – rectify incorrect pack unit validation

015537 HW Freight label – Toll Ipec – rectify incorrect barcode

015565 LS Export consignment details to transporter – convert Courier Australia and TNT

015594 LS Origin/destination charging zones, Distances, Track and trace events maintenance – improve data field prompts